Powder Metal Entrance Lock Components

The components you need for your Knob Locks, Lever Locks, Mortise Locks, Panic Bars, Padlocks, and more!

Applications such as:

    • Latchbolts
    • Deadbolts
    • Drawbars/Tailpieces
    • Retractors
    • Aux Bolts
    • Guides
    • Levers
    • Padlock Bodies
    • Lock Cams


Materials Available:

    • 300 Series Stainless Steel
    • Brass/Bronze
    • Plated/Coated Carbon Steel
    • Ask about “VISION 736 MAX STRENGTH” Alloy Steels


Serving the Following Markets:

Commercial Market

Heavy Duty lock components for your high security products.

Residential Market

High strength lock components for your products used in single family homes.

Multi-Family Market

Affordable lock components for your products used in multi-family housing, including apartments and condos.